6 Essential Study Tips from Spelling Tests to High School Exams

How is your child coping with school? How is the learning going? I’ve discovered that many children and teens aren’t aware of some very simple study tips that could really help increase their studying efficiency and overall marks.

Is Your Child Using the Best Study Tips?

Does Your Child Know the Most Proven Study Tips Which Link to Brain Science?

Terry Small, an international learning skills specialist, offers excellent presentations on this topic, and students as well as parents are encouraged to attend his talks. I saw Terry present several years ago, and his study tips are still relevant today. (Many of the tips in today’s article come from Terry Small’s presentation).

As soon as children start studying for spelling tests, we can teach some study tips so they become second nature by the time high school comes around.

Today I’ve got 6 simple and very effective study tips to share with you for your young speller or stressed high-schooler.

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