School Hot Lunch Program

School Meal Program

This year we are accepting payments differently than we have in the past.  We Are ONLY taking ONLINE payments, we are not accepting cash or cheques.  It is mandatory for all families to sign up for school cash as all payments will be taken this way from now on.


  1. The student’s first and last name must be written legibly on the envelope.
  2. Envelopes must be signed and sealed. Please ensure they are complete.
  3. Every child who returns a signed envelope will be provided with a lunch.
  4. Please write your school cash confirmation number on the envelope.
  6. On Field trip days, student participating in the School Meal Program will be provided with a bag lunch consisting of light cheese, crackers, apple and a juice box. We recommend that you supplement this bag lunch with another item depending your child’s appetite.

***If you have more than one child on the Hot Lunch Program, please fill in separate envelopes for each student***


Click the link below to view this month’s menu:

Cycle 3 Menu

Cycle 2 Menu

Cycle 1 Menu