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Important Information – First Week of School

REGISTRATION – Thursday August 29th and Friday August 30th

The office is now closed for registration. If you go under the tab SCHOOL INFO and click on REGISTRATION, you will be able to see the list of documents you will need for registering your child at the school. If you have all the documents in order, you are able to try and drop by Thursday or Friday to drop off the listed documents and the completed registration form and medical form (prefilled out on the registration page) with the principal.

If you need to register after August 29th and 30th please call the school ahead of time. We will need to schedule a registration apt. for the first week of school.

We will not be accepting any registrations on Tuesday September 3rd between 8-10:30am


Returning students will go to their class from last year so that teachers can take attendance and share some important information. Everyone will then assemble in the gym and I will introduce new staff and we will share our slide show to reminisce about all the exciting events that took place last year. Students will be dismissed at 10:00 am.


This will be a regular day and school will be in session 8:55 – 2:52. Please let us know if your child is away.

We are very excited to have Stream of Dreams at the school and our students will be learning about the interconnectedness of our environment and the impact that we have on our streams and waterways. Each child will paint a fish and these fishes will be mounted on our fence the next week. If you are able to volunteer to help with painting or putting the fish on our fence, please let Ms. Luongo know at

All students will be in their class from last year EXCEPT for the following:

· Ms. Brnjac’s class will report to the music room.

· Ms. Thiessen’s class will report to the library.


All students from grade 1 – 7 will walk down to Deer Lake for the morning. We are looking for volunteers to help supervise. If you are able to join us, please email Ms. Luongo at


Students will be assigned to their new classes.


Most teachers will be purchasing supplies for their class and students will be charged $30 for school supplies. This is much more economical than buying supplies and it’s also helpful for teachers as they get exactly what they need for the class. These funds will be collected when your child is assigned to their class.


The staff parking lot is NOT a drop-off zone. Please park on Imperial and use crosswalks to walk students to school.


In every instance that your child is late or absent from school, please be sure to call the office first thing in the morning to let us know. Your child’s safety is our biggest priority and knowing of changes to schedules helps us keep all kids safe!