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October 4th – Earthquake Emergency Preparedness Release Drill

On the afternoon of Friday October 4th, we will be practicing our Community Earthquake Evacuation Drill. This drill will start at 1:30pm and kids will start being released at 2:00pm. This procedure requires the support of parents to ensure success. Each year we will be practicing the full drill in the fall instead of the spring (as in past years) so that new staff and families have the opportunity to practice the procedures.  Our emergency plan is as follows:

  1. Appropriate “duck and cover” procedures and evacuation. After the initial shock, the students/staff will be evacuated to the gravel field to take attendance.
  2. Children will be sorted by their last name in our “garden” area – only staff and students are allowed in this area.
  3. During the drill and in an emergency, please avoid driving to school to pick up children to reduce traffic. If you must drive to the school, please park away from the school.
  4. Stay off the field until staff have given the signal to be begin pick-up. Report to the check in desk with photo identification.
  5. After your check-in, you will be given a release form to pick up your child at the check-out table.
  6. The staff at the check-out table will double-check your information to assure that children are released to appropriate adults.

We will follow this same process in an emergency. Students will be kept at the school for a short time and if circumstances warrant it, your child may be accompanied to the emergency reception centre. For Windsor School, this is Bonsor Recreation Complex at 6550 Bonsor Avenue, near Metrotown.

We practice earthquake emergency preparedness and release at the school each year to provide an opportunity for children, staff and families to be familiar with release procedures. Please support us by assuring that information on the Student Emergency Release Form is updated and sent to the school promptly. If we do not have updated information by Tuesday, October 1st, your child will not be released until the end of the day on October 4th. Thank you for your support.